Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Ever since the birth of my son (a little over two years ago), I notice I have pretty much stopped reading books. I've grown rather upset with this fact over the past year, and have tried to pick up a book or two to read .... all to no avail.

My husband does not read, AT ALL (and certainly not trashy novels!). My friends (single and childless) aren't into reading, and really, how many times can one read Dr. Seuss and Sesame Street books without loosing ones marbles?

A book club has long intrigued me, but it is not realistic for me to travel to meetings most of the time since the hour or two I have free in the evenings, I like to spend just relaxing with my husband.

So I came up with an idea of a blogging book club. We can read a book a month, and reconnect on the blog weekly to discuss what we've read so far. This seems more realistic since every ones' schedules are accommodated, and  I'm hoping will provide me with incentive to read more. Winding down with a good book (and occasionally a glass of merlot) used to be my favorite night time ritual, so here's to reclaiming those lost moments!

This is my plan:
1. Once a month, we all pick a book to read, ideally this would be at the beginning of the month so everyone has plenty of time to pick up a copy, while also reading/sharing a current book.
2. Once a week, I will open a new post with my thoughts/questions on the book thus far.
3. Everyone pitches in and hopefully we have a fun discussion going for a day or two (to accommodate different time zones).
4. Rinse and repeat. =)

What are some of your favorites? Any books that you've been wanting to read?


Life's Captures, by Jewels Martin said...

I love the picture of the old books and the book marks are so amazing and beautiful.

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