Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Having gone through several years of REALLY bad tonsillitis, I have finally decided to get a tonsillectomy. Hmm, right now I'm starting to regret that decision a bit. When I first researched (googled) the procedure, it seemed harmless enough. Three to four days of discomfort, and then voila! I'm cured! From tonsillitis at least....
So it's now going onto the second week of post-op and there's still boat loads of pain and what does Google bump up to the top of their search results? A forum with way too many people complaining that it takes MUCH longer than the promised 3-4 days to heal. Fantastic. So much for just dipping my toes in the water lol
Hopefully I'll be able to cut back on these meds soon, and return back to this blog. But in the meantime I'm continuing to read (and enjoy!) the book. Just a bit difficult to formulate coherent sentences when all I want to do is yell in pain.
I have my fingers crossed that this Sunday I'll do a wrap up post for this book, and begin the next in the series.
And as always, book suggestions are always welcome!
Monday, February 8, 2010
Oops, I'm a little late, I completely forgot about Super Bowl!

But back to the task at hand. The book.

I was almost immediately swept back to the days of lords and ladies, courtiers, warriors and magic. How dreadful it must have been for Elizabeth while in the presence of Queen Mary. To always have to watch your tongue, to fear for your safety. Do you think the tart was, in fact, poisoned? Mary motioned for Elizabeth to eat, yet she placed hers back down on the plate. Then again, maybe it was just the stress and bitter cherries that got the best of her?

Whatever the case, I felt that she was enjoying herself a lot more while in exile. While she wasn't as free as I'm sure she would've liked to be, it seems that she was afforded a bit of leeway and could sneak out when need be. Her accommodations didn't sound too shabby either! (googling Hatfield House brings up some beautiful photos)

I was pleasantly surprised when her aunt, Mary Boleyn, sent for her. And very disappointed when the plot about Mary being poisoned was found out too late, and she passed away. Of course Harry did say that she has allowed herself to slowly fade away since the death of her husband, so perhaps she welcomed the effects?

Whatever the case, I'm eager to find out more about who this poisoner is. And also Meg. Is she really innocent, or is she yet another illegitimate child of King Henry VIII, hellbent on getting revenge? (It's so strange that I can't remember any of this!)

What did you think? Were you as sucked in to this beautiful (and brutal) age as I was? Did visions of castles and women in gorgeous gowns enter your mind? One of these Halloweens I hope I have a chance to dress up in a gown styled after that era. Perhaps something like this:

Isn't that phenomenal?  

Until next week! I'm looking forward to more reading, and with my pre-op appointment Monday morning, I'm afraid I might devour the next 75 pages all in one sitting. =/

Friday, January 29, 2010
I have decided to re-read the book that started my obsession with (historical) romance novels. I remember devouring the book in less than a week, and then finding out that there were more in this wonderful series! Karen Harper is an amazing writer, and she easily manages to suck you into her stories almost from the get go. I have yet to be disappointed by one of her books.

I still haven't read the fourth and final book, so the plan is to re-read the first three to 'prepare' myself for the last one. I read them quite a bit before Allen was born, and since mommy hood apparently has some neurological side effects (fuzzy brain anyone?), I need a refresher course.

The story is of Elizabeth the 1st being thrown into the midst of danger and scandal. She must unravel the lies that are being spun around her in order to take what's rightfully hers. There are small doses of romance and intrigue thrown in, and isn't that the best way to start? (I'm definitely not one of those that dives straight into the cold water, I'm all about baby steps! lol)

As this is an older book, I'm sure it will not be difficult to find in your local library. The edition I'm reading is from Dell Publishing, and is a paperback (ISBN: 0-440-22592-2).

There are a total of 302 pages, which I will break down like this:

February 01 - 07: Page 1 - 75
February 08 - 14: Page 76 - 149
February 15 - 21: Page 150 - 225
February 22 - 28: Page 226 - 302

Each Sunday (with the exception of Valentine's Day, that will be pushed to Monday), I will open a post with my feelings so far. What I like, what I found funny, what I didn't understand etc etc etc.
I welcome all of you to read along and join in on the conversation! You can either post a review on your blog and then link to it here, or just chime in here. Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Ever since the birth of my son (a little over two years ago), I notice I have pretty much stopped reading books. I've grown rather upset with this fact over the past year, and have tried to pick up a book or two to read .... all to no avail.

My husband does not read, AT ALL (and certainly not trashy novels!). My friends (single and childless) aren't into reading, and really, how many times can one read Dr. Seuss and Sesame Street books without loosing ones marbles?

A book club has long intrigued me, but it is not realistic for me to travel to meetings most of the time since the hour or two I have free in the evenings, I like to spend just relaxing with my husband.

So I came up with an idea of a blogging book club. We can read a book a month, and reconnect on the blog weekly to discuss what we've read so far. This seems more realistic since every ones' schedules are accommodated, and  I'm hoping will provide me with incentive to read more. Winding down with a good book (and occasionally a glass of merlot) used to be my favorite night time ritual, so here's to reclaiming those lost moments!

This is my plan:
1. Once a month, we all pick a book to read, ideally this would be at the beginning of the month so everyone has plenty of time to pick up a copy, while also reading/sharing a current book.
2. Once a week, I will open a new post with my thoughts/questions on the book thus far.
3. Everyone pitches in and hopefully we have a fun discussion going for a day or two (to accommodate different time zones).
4. Rinse and repeat. =)

What are some of your favorites? Any books that you've been wanting to read?

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