Monday, February 8, 2010
Oops, I'm a little late, I completely forgot about Super Bowl!

But back to the task at hand. The book.

I was almost immediately swept back to the days of lords and ladies, courtiers, warriors and magic. How dreadful it must have been for Elizabeth while in the presence of Queen Mary. To always have to watch your tongue, to fear for your safety. Do you think the tart was, in fact, poisoned? Mary motioned for Elizabeth to eat, yet she placed hers back down on the plate. Then again, maybe it was just the stress and bitter cherries that got the best of her?

Whatever the case, I felt that she was enjoying herself a lot more while in exile. While she wasn't as free as I'm sure she would've liked to be, it seems that she was afforded a bit of leeway and could sneak out when need be. Her accommodations didn't sound too shabby either! (googling Hatfield House brings up some beautiful photos)

I was pleasantly surprised when her aunt, Mary Boleyn, sent for her. And very disappointed when the plot about Mary being poisoned was found out too late, and she passed away. Of course Harry did say that she has allowed herself to slowly fade away since the death of her husband, so perhaps she welcomed the effects?

Whatever the case, I'm eager to find out more about who this poisoner is. And also Meg. Is she really innocent, or is she yet another illegitimate child of King Henry VIII, hellbent on getting revenge? (It's so strange that I can't remember any of this!)

What did you think? Were you as sucked in to this beautiful (and brutal) age as I was? Did visions of castles and women in gorgeous gowns enter your mind? One of these Halloweens I hope I have a chance to dress up in a gown styled after that era. Perhaps something like this:

Isn't that phenomenal?  

Until next week! I'm looking forward to more reading, and with my pre-op appointment Monday morning, I'm afraid I might devour the next 75 pages all in one sitting. =/


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