Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Having gone through several years of REALLY bad tonsillitis, I have finally decided to get a tonsillectomy. Hmm, right now I'm starting to regret that decision a bit. When I first researched (googled) the procedure, it seemed harmless enough. Three to four days of discomfort, and then voila! I'm cured! From tonsillitis at least....
So it's now going onto the second week of post-op and there's still boat loads of pain and what does Google bump up to the top of their search results? A forum with way too many people complaining that it takes MUCH longer than the promised 3-4 days to heal. Fantastic. So much for just dipping my toes in the water lol
Hopefully I'll be able to cut back on these meds soon, and return back to this blog. But in the meantime I'm continuing to read (and enjoy!) the book. Just a bit difficult to formulate coherent sentences when all I want to do is yell in pain.
I have my fingers crossed that this Sunday I'll do a wrap up post for this book, and begin the next in the series.
And as always, book suggestions are always welcome!


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